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Blossom Project Ends.

Sadly my Blossom project has come to the end, tiny apples are starting to grow where the flowers blossomed, natures cycle continues……

New blossom paintings fill my studio ready for exhibitions and new places. I am so thankful to all the people who helped me to make it a success, I hope everyone has enjoyed celebrating the blossom season as much as I have.

I will be taking some of the blossom Paintings to Melbourne Arts Festival,Derbyshire 13th and 14th September and they will then be exhibited at Banks Mill Studios, Bridge Street, Derby from 15th September.

Here’s one of the 20 paintings.

Oil paints and gold leaf on canvas 80 x100 cm Victoria Brown

Oil paints and gold leaf on canvas 80 x100 cm Victoria Brown



The six school blossom workshop sessions have all been delivered now, I seem to leave a trail of blossoms everywhere I go! The past two weeks have been frantic preparing, collecting materials and delivering the workshops, I feel tired but relieved 72 children have happily created blossom art.

In the preliminary visits to the schools I shared the process of my blossom paintings showing my sketchbooks and original paintings, talking through the blossom project and techniques I have developed.The children listened attentively and set to work gathering blossom sketches and photos for the blossom sessions. 

Focussing on a project dependent on nature’s timings can be worrying but I realised I should have had faith when I arrived at Cherry Tree Hill school and the blossoms were in full bloom along the roadside. We walked year 5 to stand under the trees to blossom gaze for a while before returning to the classroom to paint.

The children’s art work is wonderful far exceeding any expectations I had, the preliminary visit paid off. Their  paintings are vibrant experimenting with layering the paint creating different effects; textures, patterns and colours.I am delighted with the collection of 14 104 x110cm group canvases plus 15 smaller ones from both schools.

Today at my local school aswell as blossom paintings we created blossom machines, the task was to create a machine which could move the blossom petals in some way. Trying to replicate falling petals or petals being swept up in gusts of wind.Presented with fans and a balloon pump, recycled materials, card, tapes, strings and boxes the year 3 and 4 children worked in groups on their ideas. They were very imaginative and worked incredibly well together. We now have a Blossom Park including a slide which pumps petals down it, a Blossom TV with remote control and a fan which moves the blossom around. Maisy the Machine including a handbag and wash bag, Henry the Blossom Machine has paddles which move the petals. Mary Queen Blossom Machine, King Fred and Spider Blossom Machine which has six drinking straws attached to a container filled with petals.

It amused me how the children wrote signs; back in five minutes/ out of order/ handle with care. Their blossom machine manuals were interesting with clear instructions how to work their machines.

I am always a little nervous how successful the sessions will be, but children always seem to create with great enthusiasm, I just need to present them with creative possibilities and have faith in the process and their innate desire to create things.

All will be on display in my pop up blossom studio at the Quad Derby on Saturday 26th April 2014 11-5pm in the participation room. Free event.

I will also be sharing the Blossom Project outcomes in a workshop at the Quad, Friday 25th April 9.30-3.30pm Please contact me if you wish to book a place.



Spring 2014

Today is the first day of spring, time to celebrate! Blossoms have started to appear recently, however I have been painting blossom in my studio through autumn and winter and my new collection is almost complete.

The blossom project events for this spring have been planned, starting with blossom workshops in primary schools. I introduced the project to the children today and requested help to design a ‘Blossom Machine’ I’m looking forward to seeing their ideas, the work produced during the workshops will be displayed at my Pop up Blossom studio at Derby Quad Sat 26th April in the participation room. Alongside this my paintings will be on display and blossom art activities will be provided.
Finally there will be an exhibition of the paintings at Hardwick Hall 1st-19th May in the Apple store and the South Gazebo.



Blossom Season Over

The blossom season is over, apples have now started to emerge where the blossoms flowered in the orchards at Hardwick Hall. ImageWhen I visited the orchard on 22nd June a strong wind had taken all the delicate white crab apple blossoms the previous week, only a few petals were left on the floor.I feel a huge sense of loss now they are gone, acutely aware of the transient nature of blossom. Exhausted by the frantic few weeks trying to capture their beauty before they disappeared, not being able to control or predict how long they would be here.

However I am thankful for the time spent amongst the trees,the season was very late this year but the blossoms were abundant and I am surprised how I have become strongly connected to this place.I have been filled and nourished with it’s beauty,though still not wanting this ending. Marie Purdy,the Head Gardener and the other National Trust staff and volunteers have been so friendly and helpful, I shall miss them.

I am happy with the emerging paintings and I am looking forward to shutting myself in the studio to give birth to the new Blossom collection. My head, is full of images I want to create and new techniques I wish to explore, so watch this space…… final blo


Blossom paintings Hardwick Hall

Blossom paintings Hardwick Hall

Hardwick regional Outdoors event

Ladies in The Crab Apple Orchard

The Crab apple orchard has been stunning over the past couple of weeks,with branches weighed down with clouds of white blossom.The orchard was so peaceful, a different kind of energy to the first orchard with wild flowers,cow parsley and grasses left to grow freely.The great Hall stood solid in the background.The scent of the blossoms was sweet and mixed with the smell of my linseed oil was heady.When ladies appeared in costume I thought I was imagining things. I worked quickly as the petals were starting to fall around me and I knew time was limited as the blossoms in the apple orchard was already over,I felt deep sadness when I saw it,I have become so attached to this placeImage.I fear the recent winds may have taken the crab apple blossoms now….