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Blossom Season Over

July 17, 2013

The blossom season is over, apples have now started to emerge where the blossoms flowered in the orchards at Hardwick Hall. ImageWhen I visited the orchard on 22nd June a strong wind had taken all the delicate white crab apple blossoms the previous week, only a few petals were left on the floor.I feel a huge sense of loss now they are gone, acutely aware of the transient nature of blossom. Exhausted by the frantic few weeks trying to capture their beauty before they disappeared, not being able to control or predict how long they would be here.

However I am thankful for the time spent amongst the trees,the season was very late this year but the blossoms were abundant and I am surprised how I have become strongly connected to this place.I have been filled and nourished with it’s beauty,though still not wanting this ending. Marie Purdy,the Head Gardener and the other National Trust staff and volunteers have been so friendly and helpful, I shall miss them.

I am happy with the emerging paintings and I am looking forward to shutting myself in the studio to give birth to the new Blossom collection. My head, is full of images I want to create and new techniques I wish to explore, so watch this space…… final blo

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